“Dr. Chatman is skilled, informative, and kind. I have experienced full relief from my neck/back pain since my series of adjustments. Highly recommend.”   -Tom Arbaugh


“Keeps me performing at a high level. Can’t say enough about his professionalism and knowledge as a chiropractor!”   -Rob Stacy


“Dr. Chatman has helped to relieve chronic migraines that I’ve had for years. Awesome experience, very professional and knowledgeable!”   -Emily Lamson


“Awesome Dr. Plus a lot of knowledge on good health! Love him! smile emoticon”  -Sherri Wilson


“He is a wonderful doctor. He is only interested in making you better. He helped fix my back pain, and my posture. He also recommended exercises to keep up the work we had done. Would recommend seeing Dr. Chatman to anyone.”    -Ammanda Tucker


“If you have something wrong with you, Dr Chatman knows how to fix it!”    -Max Bacon


“I am not sure I have the “right” praising words for Dr. Chatman. It has been a year and four months since I have been able to put pressure on my right side. Today, I had my third adjustment, and I am completely amazed. Amazed at his kindness and concern over my issues. Amazed that this type of chiropractic sessions are helping me. Amazed at his sincerity of wanting to help me. For the first time in several years, I feel hopeful!”    -Michelle Kelley


“Dr. Chatman worked miracles on my neck and back!!! I would highly recommend him!!”  -Emily Riggleman


“My shoulders hurt so that I would cry! Not anymore! Thank you!”   -Janet Chatman


“I would recommend Dr. Chatman to everyone. Amazing results!”  -Maureen MacIver


“Has helped me tremendously. Not just neck, back, but also hip mobility, and Achilles. Knows his stuff and then some!”   -Michael Bates


“Went to see Dr. Chatman with rough back pain and knee pain and he helped me get back going. Very professional and his attention to detail was incredible. Would recommend to anyone that needs treatment.”    –Corey Lamson


“Glad I found this practice. I highly recommend Dr. Chatman. I’ve been going to a chiropractor for years and learned so much in my first visit with Dr. Chatman. He was very thorough and patient and did a great job with my adjustment.”   -Karma Cox


“After a recent ice storm I took a fall on some stairs and really busted my bottom and wrenched my lower back. I made an appointment at Collart with Dr. Chatman and he used the xray results to show and explain the damage and discuss treatment options. I had never been to a chiropractor before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was an extremely professional setting and he worked with me with providing many schedule options (early, late, Saturday, whatever I needed). It was great. After the FIRST treatment I was amazed how much better I felt and 80% of the acute pain was gone and hasn’t returned (a week has passed). I’m still deciding if maintenance visits will be necessary but that first visit alone was worth the copay/groupon cost without a doubt. I highly recommend Dr. Chatman at Collart if you’re searching for a local chiropractor or have back pain and would like to see if he can help.”   -Rick Simmons


“Had my very first chiropractic adjustment today and I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in years. Dr. Chatman explained every step and put me at ease throughout the process. I definitely will be going back on a regular basis.”   -Kathy Stacy


“I visited Dr. Chatman 4-4-16 with a severe crick in my neck. The pain was excruciating. After 1 adjustment I felt much better. Within 24 hours I was 95% pain free. Yes I recommend Dr. Chatman. He is here to help you get better. Do it. Now. You won’t regret it. Why live with pain?”   -Bo Bacon


“If you have ever wondered what a chiropractor could do for you, PLEASE check out this website, schedule an appointment with Dr. Briddger Chatman DC, and you won’t be sorry! He is the only person I trust to pop my neck the way he does! He is incredible at his job! He works on my neck, lower back, and hips and had made such a difference!”   -Cindy Spiker


“I am typically not one to promote Doctors but Dr. Briddger Chatman DC is the ABSOLUTE BEST I have ever seen. If you have any sort of back pain, knee pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, shin splints, anything at all, even if your ankles are hurting. Go see this guy. He is AMAZING!!!”   -Nathan Fowler